What is CARS?

The Coordinated Assessment and Referral System (CARS) is part of a federal initiative called Coordinated Entry which aims to partner homeless individuals with services that are the best fit for their specific situation.

CARS uses a confidential questionnaire to determine need. Information from this assessment is kept in a “Master List”  and when a unit/bed becomes available, the Coalition sorts through the list and selects those with the most need to be referred to that program opening.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what your position on the referral list is or how long it will take before you are selected. Your position on the list is influenced by a variety of factors that may move your “position” up and down throughout the course of a day. We will contact you as soon as you are selected for a referral.

Which Programs Receive Referrals from CARS?

  • Central Coast Center for Independent Living- ESG Program
  • Community Homeless Solutions – Homeward Bound
  • Community Homeless Solutions – Men in Transition
  • Community Human Services – Safe Passage
  • County of San Benito – Helping Hands
  • County of San Benito – ESG Rapid Rehousing
  • Dorothy’s Place – House of Peace
  • Housing Authority – Pueblo Del Mar
  • Housing Resource Center – ESG Rapid Rehousing
  • Interim, Inc. – Shelter Plus Care (via MCHOME)
  • Veterans Resource Center – SSVF Rapid Rehousing Program
Coordinated Assessment and Referral System (CARS)

What You Should Know


Community Homeless Solutions
3087 Wittenmyer Court, Marina
(831) 384-3388

Interim, Inc.- MCHOME
299B 12th Street, Marina
(831) 883-3080

Pueblo Del Mar
3043 MacArthur Drive, Marina
(831) 582-9461

Orphan Productions (Safe Parking Program)

The Veterans Transition Center
220 12th Street, Marina
(831) 883-VETS



 Community Human Services- Safe Passage
544 Pearl Street, Monterey
(831) 717-4126

Gathering for Women
147 El Dorado Street, Monterey
(831) 241-6154

Shoreline Community Church
2500 Garden Road, Monterey
(831) 655-0100

Veterans Resource Centers of America
40 Bonifacio Plaza, Monterey
(831) 375-1184




 Access Support Network (ASN)
340 Church Street, Salinas
(831) 975-5016

Central Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL)
318 Cayuga Street, Suite 208, Salinas
(831) 757-2968

CSUMB Chinatown Leaning Center
22 Soledad Street, Salinas
(831) 770-1700

Door to Hope
130 W. Gabilan Street, Salinas

Dorothy’s Place
30 Soledad Street, Salinas

The Housing Resource Center of Monterey County
201 John Street, Suite A, Salinas
(831) 424-9186

Turning Point of Central California
116 E. San Luis Street, Salinas
(831) 422-9171

Sun Street Center
11 Peach Drive, Salinas
(831) 753-5135

Victory Mission
43 Soledad Street, Salinas
(831) 424-5688

Whole Person Care (County of Monterey)
831-755- 4583




 HOME Resource Center
1161 San Felipe Road, Hollister

Emmaus House
Confidential Location
(877) 778-7978


The assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete. The questions have primarily “yes” or “no” answers or can be answered in a few short words. You do not have to answer any questions that you are unwilling to answer, but a non-answer will only prolong your wait on the Master List.

If you choose not to complete the assessment, you are still eligible for referral to services that do not use CARS.

If you are selected for a referral but we cannot locate or contact you within three days, you will be removed from the Master List and we will have to pass your referral to the next person. Therefore, it is critical that you update us with your most current contact information.

If you are removed from the Master List, you can contact us to reinstate yourself. Before we reinstate you on the list, we will have to ensure that all of the information from your previous CARS assessment is accurate.

If your circumstances have changed, you can contact us for a new assessment. However, be aware that some changes may elevate your chances for referral while other changes may decrease them.

While we support your choices in regards to which location you prefer to live, understand that resources in our community are limited while the need is great.

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, please note that denying two referrals will have significant impact on how fast we can serve you.

Extenuating circumstances are provable reasons why you cannot live in a offered location.

Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what your position on the referral list is. Your position on the list is influenced by a variety of factors and may move you up and down within the course of a day. We will contact you as soon as an opportunity comes up.

Click here to see a list of local shelters.

A referral to a program does not guarantee acceptance into the program. If you are denied from a program, there is an appeals process. In order to begin the appeal process you must make a request for a hearing in writing which can be delivered through email, in person, or by mail. This request must take place within 10 days of the written notice of denial by the program.

The Coalition will respond to your request within 10 days of receiving it. At the hearing, you will be given the opportunity to provide written or oral objections to the decision and the agency will respond to you as well. If you fail to show up at the denial hearing, the denial will remain in place. The final decision will be made by the CoC coordinator or his/her representative.

Send your request to

Attn: CARS Coordinator, 1942 Fremont Boulevard, Seaside, CA 93955