The Leadership Council as the administrative and governing body with the legitimacy, representation, power, and resources to be able to effectively and efficiently direct the community’s efforts to prevent and end homelessness. The Leadership Council serves as the oversight body, supported by various committees and action teams focused on particular issues.

Minutes/Agendas/Supporting Documentation

Leadership Council Roster

Leadership Council Member Selection

Members of the Leadership Council are either assigned by their representative entities or nominated and approved by the full Leadership Council. The Administration and Implementation Committee provides recruitment support by conducting ongoing outreach to members of the public and private sectors (as listed above). When a particular gap(s) in membership is identified, the A&I Committee will target missing constituencies and brainstorm agencies and names. The A&I Committee will then develop a recruitment plan with goals, timelines, and assignments. The recruitment plan will prioritize organizations and individuals to be recruited, specifically:

  • Organizations or individuals that may help attract other new members
  • Organizations or individuals that may help the LMH CoC reach some of its goals
  • Organizations that may provide different view-points on these issues

Ideally, face-to-face meetings will be the primary method used for targeted recruitment efforts, especially for those potential members that are a high priority. In preparing for these meetings, the A&I Committee will conduct background research on an organization and its staff. To recruit Locally Elected Officials (LEO), the A&I Committee may suggest sending current Leadership Council representatives to LEO forums, explain the Leadership Council’s role and work, need for representation, nature of meetings and time commitment. The A&I Committee documents all efforts to recruit Leadership Council members.

To become a member, an individual will complete a brief application with contact information and the opportunity to indicate their experience/relationship to the Leadership Council mission (i.e. lived experience, advocate, non-profit, government, geographic area, type of stakeholder, etc.) and visit a Leadership Council meeting.  The Leadership Council will conduct a membership vote no later than the next scheduled meeting.

Leadership Council Meetings

The Leadership Council meets bi-monthly (i.e. every 2 months) and it is the final decision making body of the LMH CoC. It sets its schedule at the beginning of each calendar year and publicly distributes dates, times and locations for all meetings.

To learn more about joining, contact the Coalition at or review the Member Composition Governing Charter.

Accessible versions of these documents are available upon request by phone at (831) 883-3080 or by email at