The Inclement Weather Program has been completed for the 2019-2020 year. There are no motel vouchers currently available.

Please check back in October/November for any updates on the 2020-2021 Inclement Weather Program. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Monterey County Department of Social Services administers an inclement weather voucher program each year from November 1st through March 31st.   Motel vouchers are provided to certain nonprofit organizations to use for homeless individuals or families as needed.

Please note that restrictions apply.  Those restrictions are:

  1. Vouchers to be used when the temperature is 45 degrees or below with a prediction of rain with the following exception:
  2. Participating agencies can issue motel vouchers for an extended period if it rains more than three consecutive days with temperature of 45 degrees and below within the rain period.
  3. Vouchers will be issued only to the motels listed on the Approved Vendor listing.
  4. Vouchers will only be issued for single men as a last resort, if shelters are at full capacity.
  5. Vouchers will only be issued for single women, single women with children, and families if homeless services agencies are at capacity, no other option exists, and weather parameters must be met.
  6. Rain must be present or forecasted for the day voucher will be used, and
  7. No emergency shelter beds are available.

The Coalition of Homeless Services Providers will email out a 7-10 weather forecast through the end of March 2020 to apprise the public of impending weather conditions.

Note that conditions may change based upon weather patterns and participating agencies will adjust to conditions as they arise.


To view the 2019-2020 Shelter Listing, click here: 19-20 Emergency_Day Shelter List – Updated.

If your agency would like to participate in this program, please contact:

Glorietta Rowland, Management Analyst
Monterey County Department of Social Services


Coalition of Homeless Services Providers
Roxanne V. Wilson

Community Homeless Solutions
Jesus Armenta

Franciscan Workers
Tony Colin

Gathering for Women
Eva Ochoa

The Salvation Army- Good Samaritan Center
Brittany Perez

Veterans Transition Center
Bobby Merritt

Veterans Resource Center
Guadalupe Javier-Diaz